Top Android 11 features

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Android 11 features: Today Google has released Android 11 means Officially Google Android 11 has been released.

Today we will discuss all the new features arrived on
android 11 and also list of the confirmed smartphone on will you will get an android 11 update.

We will also clear common doubt of people get in day to day usage.
First of all, we want you to clarify that overall all the visual bases no big change has been made by Google this year.


Every OEM customize their skin in their way. So this year android 11 Visual user interface will be the same as last year android 10.But under the hood, they have implemented many new features.

List of Top Android 11 features

1. Conversation Notification:

This time if you get new any notification then you can categorize that whether you want to put that notification in conversation, alerting or silent. You can also group messages.

You will not miss an important notification. Means they have improved notification manager at lot. You can separate useless, less important, and Very important notification easily.

Let assume you have cleared all notification from the notification bar than can see all the previously shown notifications with notification history features recently introduced in android 11.

One more interesting thing they have added in the notification manager in that chat bubble is the same as we have seen many years ago in Facebook messenger.

You have used this feature in Facebook messenger a lot but now this feature is supported natively by Android 11.

it is very useful in many scenarios. for example: If anyone sends you a message on WhatsApp, telegram, or any other app and you are watching video on YouTube or MX player then no need to minimize the app you can directly reply from the chat bubble easily without interruption in your entertainment.

2. Built-in screen recorder:

Android users were demanding native recorder from so many years but finally native screen recorder in here. Although most of the custom UI or skin (Samsung’s one UI, Oneplus’s Oxygen Os, realme’s realme UI, Xiaomi’s MIUI, Etc.) comes from OEM have already this feature.

but android 11 also got this can expect this feature to all smartphones with stock android 11 OS/software.

3. Media controls:

Media controls are also very improved. If you are listening to music, watching the video then now you can control media settings from
notification bar easily.

4. Smart devices control:

From single app/settings, you can control multiple smart devices or IoT (internet of things ) like smart tv, smart light, smart speaker, any smart devices which can be connected to a smartphone that can be controlled easily.

5. Permission and privacy:

Regarding new permission and privacy, they have introduced one-time permission and auto-reset. Support you opened an application and that app is asking some permission and you don’t want to given this permission for always then you can choose auto-reset.

This feature will auto revoked. And that app will not able to send your data to an unwanted location. If you will app open again then it will ask you to allow permission again. This feature great for all app which you used rarely.

6. Dark theme scheduling:

Before android 11. There was the option of a dark theme. But now scheduling of this dark mode is also available.

7. Android security patch updates:

Android faced many issues regarding software updates and security patch updates. This time Google has also fix this issue.

Google will send monthly security patches directly through the Google play store due to that there will be no involvement of OEM and security patch will be delivered easily and timely to the user.

Let’s assume if some vulnerability or bug comes to the android system then it will be very easy for Google to fix it to a very wide audience.

8. Google pixel only feature:

  • They also introduced Google pixel only feature, which is app which Apps will be added or replaced to the app bar (home screen apps bar ) on basis of user Usage (frequently or most used) this whole process will work automatically with the help of AI(artificial intelligence). This feature will exclusive to Google pixel only.
  • App pinning: their one more feature which is app pinning. When the user selects share options then they see so many unnecessary useless sharing options. But with this app pinning, they can show/ hide undesired options.

9. Exposure notification:

These days COVID-19 us spread very easily so if some this exposure to any disease which is contagious then the user can notification all people who already met the user.

But exactly how it will be implemented Google has not explained yet. This feature is similar to Aarogya setu apps. But now it natively available on android 11. If you don’t want to take part in this facility then you easily pop out with one click.

11. Voice access:

This time voice access is also improved. Before Android 11 Google Android could only control your smartphone with commands .

but now Google’s assistant can also see your screen, what are you doing on screen, and according to that, it can make a decision. It can decide on context bases.

For example, if you are watching YouTube videos and want to reduce voice then it will reduce voice.

12. Multiple user profiles:

Many users are enterprise users so they will able to create multiple profiles (like home profile, work profile), and also they will able to switch accounts easily based on time.

Android file keeps files of both profiles separate. And also it encrypts files of profiles.

List of devices get android 11 (android 11 eligible devices)

  1. Google Pixel:
    Currently, except google pixel 1 and pixel xl, all pixel devices from pixel 2 to pixel 4a already got an Android 11 update.
  2. Oneplus: one plus 8, 8 pro
  3. Realme: realme x50 pro
  4. Xiaomi: MI 10
  5. IQOO: iqoo 3

All these smartphones are confirmed. All other smartphones will be added to this list after an official confirmation from respective companies so stay tuned.

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