How To Get Best Free Unlimited Vpn For Android

How To Get Best Free Unlimited Vpn For Android 2020: Vpn is very important for everyone these days. Vpn is the acronym of the virtual private network.

Vpn a type of service in which you get both security and privacy. You can understand VPN through an example.

Imagine you are using wifi in a hostel, railway station, or any public wifi then your security may be breached or your personal data can be steals by a hacker. In such a situation you can use a VPN to protect your privacy and security.

VPN can also help you to unblock those websites and apps that are blocked on your current location or IP address.

In VPN you can choose a particular location for you and access all the websites and apps from that chosen location and save from self from any data breaches.

How To Get Best Free Unlimited Vpn For Android /PC/MAC/Browsers:

Today will we be sharing two methods by which you can get unlimited VPN for free

Method 1:

Step 1: On your android smartphone go to playstore

Step 2: Or Download and Install cloud flare DNS from here:

Step 3: Turn on DNS

Best Free Unlimited Vpn For Android

The first method will be using cloud flare DNS It’s not like a traditional VPN. It is actually a DNS service that you are going to use. Till now you were using DNS of your ISP(internet service providers)

In this method you will be using DNS of Cloudflare will which will unblock all most all regions for your

How to use Cloud flare DNS PC/Laptop?

You can get Cloudflare DNS for PC/Laptop from here


  1. The speed of Cloud flare DNS is really fast.
  2. So By using this app will able to unblock websites and apps that are blocked in your region. And also you will able to hide your identity.
  3. They don’t keep logs of their users. They have clearly mentioned on their website that they delete all the logs of the user after 24 Hours.
  4. It’s unlimited


  1. You cannot change the server as we can do on the traditional VPN app.
  2. Websites will know your location which you’re visiting.

Method 2:

Step 1: Download and install windcribe from here
Step 2: signup from your email id and sign in to the app
Step 3: Turn on the by clicking the button symbol.


Best Free Unlimited Vpn For Android

Windcribe is the best option if you’re searching for a good VPN. In windcribe VPN, they’re in data capping 10GB/Month but you can use multiple email ids to get unlimited data.

How to use windscribe on PC/Laptop?

On PC/laptop you can download browser extension or window version of winscribe on PC/laptop.For downloading the window version of windscribe, you can go to theofficial website of Windcribe from this link

You can also get the browser extension version of winscribe also on Google Chrome/ Microsoft Edge and Firefox also

You can download the browser extension of winscribe for Google chrome/Microsoft edge from here And for Firefox from here

Windscribe is Available for most of the devices out there and all major browsers!


  1. They don’t keep logs of the paid user and they keep logs of the free user only to track your capping.
  2. They provide 10 free locations/countries (we, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, and many more are there).
  3. Better speed than other VPN Apps
  4. Cross-platform support like windows, android, mac, ios, browse extensions, etc.


  1. No cons till now.

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