Affordable Storage?: Digiboxx Review, Pricing, Owner

Digiboxx Review, Pricing, Owner: Today we will be sharing all detail of Digiboxx. many websites are calming that this digiboxx app is launched by NITIAAYOG which a government body is it true or not ?, How this app service is working currently? All of these questions will be answered here.

Does Digiboxx is launched by NITI Aayog?

No, Digiboxx is not launched by the government of India. Then you must be thinking then people are getting confused. So the main reason is that the chairman of NITIAAYOG was invited as chief guest to launch the Digiboxx app.

Digiboxx is a private Indian start-up Company. It is not associated with any Indian government body. Although nowadays the Indian government is Promoting Indian start-up companies. That’s why Amitabh Kant chief executive officer of NITIAAYOG launched Digiboxx. He also shared information regarding this digiboxx app.

What is Digiboxx?

Digiboxx is an Indian cloud storage service similar to Google drive.
Digiboxx has a free plan in which you will get 20 GB of free cloud storage. You can upload, store, share files up to 20GB in a free plan. If 20 GB storage is not enough for you then you can also choose a paid plan of Digiboxx.

Features of Digiboxx:

  1. 501+ Users
  2. Unlimited external collaborators
  3. To be discussed
  4. No Max file size
  5. SSL secured
  6. Real time collaboration
  7. Gmail integration
  8. Advanced real time collaboration
  9. Web preview
  10. Automated backups
  11. User management
  12. Ability to set file share expiry
  13. On-prem. Installation (Optional)
  14. Platform Training (Optional)
  15. Platform Training (Optional)
  16. InstaShare

What is InstaShare ?

With this feature, you can share the file with friends & family. If you want to share files without creating an account then you can also do that. You only need an email and mobile number.

Digiboxx Niti Aayog App Website ?

Currently, Digiboxx is available on Windows and Android. You can go to their official website from here. And for the Android app, you can follow this link

Digiboxx Review, Pricing, Owner

Digiboxx also announced that the iOS version of these apps will be released soon.
Once it gets available then we will also update this post with the apps store (iOS official apps store) link.

Plans & Pricing of Digiboxx:

Digiboxx is currently offering four plans:

Digiboxx Review, Pricing, Owner

So as we can see Digiboxx plans Pricing is much cheaper as compared to Google drive.

Digiboxx Vs Google drive Which Is Best Among Them ?

Google drive in providing 15GB of free space whereas Digiboxx is providing 20 GB of space in the free plan.

Digiboxx plan looks interesting so questions have to ask should you switch to Digiboxx Cloud storage service?

Well, we suggest you stay on Google drive service as of now because Digiboxx Cloud storage service is looking cheap and affordable but apps are currently in the development phase.


Digiboxx is currently not a reliable service, website and apps are still buggy. Sign- up for the free account process is currently not working for us.
But file-sharing is working fine. The website of Digiboxx is also slow maybe due to a large number of users are trying to sign-up. But we still see how this service gets better with time.

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