Driver Backup And Restore Software For Windows 7,8.1& 10 Easily

Driver Backup And Restore Software For Windows 7,8.1& 10 Easily: Sometimes driver updating can cause hardware failure in a Smooth running system.

Many times we have seen that after updating the system driver to the latest version. It causes problems in systems. May be due to incompatibility or wrong driver installation.

So it is very necessary to backup or your current system drivers before updating to the latest version. So that in the future if any issues occur then you can fix it easily.

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Why Is Driver Backup Necessary?

Sometimes when we Install a new window or operating system (clean install) then we want to install all previously installed drivers on the system so a backed-up driver helps us in these types of scenarios.

So we have given two very important reasons to backup drivers now we can move to the main driver backup process.

For this process you need the following things:

  • One laptop/desktop running Windows 7/8.1 / 10
  • Double driver app get here

Step 1: download the double driver app from the above-given link

Step 2: double driver will be packed in a zip file so unzip it.

Step 3: run the “dd” file as administrator

Step 4: click on backup

Step 5: Click on scan

Step 6: Select or de-select driver from the list ( by default it will de-select all Installed driver)

Step 7: click backup now

Step 8: Select the desired location for saving backed up drivers.

And you’re done you successfully backup yours desired driver

How to restore driver from backed up files ?

Step 1: Run double driver app from unzipped the folder

Step 2: click on restore

Step 3: click on locate the backup

Step 4: Select other location

Step 5: choose saved backup file (during backup)

Step 6: click on restore backup.

And you’re done. You have successfully restored your driver

FAQ related to Double driver Backup App:

Can this software be used in windows 7 driver backup?

yes, this app “Double Driver” supports windows 7

Can this software be used in Windows 10 driver backup?

Yes, in windows 10 we can easily backup and restore Installed system drivers with the help of the double driver app.

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