Free Fire Lag Fix Apk 2020 In Easy Steps

Free Fire Lag Fix Apk 2020 In Easy Steps: If you are a good player but due to your low end, the smartphone is bottlenecking your performance means your smartphone lags too much then today we will share with complete solutions in just 3 steps.

We have divided this method into three parts
First, we will share with you what internal change you have to do in a very simple language not technical.

In the second part of the method, we will share with you an app the will help your smartphone to run free fire smoothly.

In the third part of the method, we will share with you about the compatibility of this Method with devices. Because this method won’t work on all the smartphones out there. So it is necessary to understand compatibility also.

So let start with the main steps:

Step 1: internal changes

In internal changes, you have to free up space in your internal storage. You can do this by uninstalling that app which you do not use.

Some people Install new apps for one-time use and they forgot to uninstall and these apps consume so much storage and power so it is better to uninstall them.

So basically in the first step, you have to uninstall all the unnecessarily Installed app to free up space if the smartphone is lagging too much.

Step 2: Install the GFX tool

Free Fire Lag Fix Apk 2020

➡️You have to download and install the GFX tool from here. After installing the GFX Tool just follow the same settings/ configuration as shown in the following table:

Graphic APIOpen GL 2.0 (recommended)
Necessary Settings For Free Fire

➡️Check to remember my settings > Approve

➡️Wait for the setting to save and you’re done. Enjoy your game!

After applying settings, you can play free fire easily without any lags.

Step 3: Make sure you apply these steps for low-end devices (e.g. smartphone with 1GB or 2 GB RAM ) only

if you will apply these settings with high-end devices (e.g. smartphone with 4GB OR higher capacity RAM). Then your performance and visual graphic experience may decrease.

Because in this step we are decreasing settings to achieve stable performance in low-end devices.

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