[Best Method] How To Install Printer Driver In Windows 7

How To Install Printer Driver In Windows 7: Hello, guys today we will share with you the easiest method by which you can install all the drivers at once with the help of a third party utility application/software.

Means by using this method you will able to easily download and install all the drivers of any pc or laptop and also you can stay up-to-date with all the latest drivers.

So today will we help you how you can download and install all appropriate drivers for your system’s hardware.

Why should we use third party utility software?

If you don’t use third-party utility software for downloading or updating to the latest drivers then you have to follow the traditional method of downloading and updating the latest drivers.

What is the traditional method of downloading/updating drivers?

Firstly you will have to check the version of the Installed driver in your system and then you will have to go to the official website of your device

and check whether the latest drivers are available or not. If available then you can download and install that driver. And after updating you can check for other connected hardware/device drivers.

You will have to check the availability of the driver and download them one by one. For the different hardware/devices, you will have to visit different sites and you will have to find all the drivers. You will have to do all these steps manually every time. So it’s kind of a mess.

So we suggest you use our suggested third-party utility software to get rid of this mess.

Best utility software for installing/ updating drivers easily:

The name of the utility software is the Iobit Driver booster. You will find much other utility software like this on the internet. But in our test, we have found driver booster in the best driver utility software.

How To Install Iobit Driver Booster?

Step 1: Download Iobit driver booster from here

How To Install Printer Driver In Windows 7

Step 2: Install Iobit driver booster

How To Install Printer Driver In Windows 7

Step 3: Scan driver through iobit driver booster utility

How To Install Printer Driver In Windows 7

Step 4: Click on install available driver and you’re done.

How To Install Printer Driver In Windows 7

How these utility software works?

IObit Driver Booster scans the hardware of your pc or laptop and checks Available drivers from their database. Drive booster has the largest driver database among all other driver utility software.

When windows start then IObit driver booster runs in the background and checks for available updates. If updates are available then it notifies the user about the availability of new drivers.

In these types of utility software, you can set that after how many days/week updates of the driver should be checked.

The Iobit driver booster requires a fast internet connection to download available drivers as fast as possible.

Why Iobit driver booster is best driver utility software?

  1. It doesn’t Install the wrong driver in any way.
  2. It creates a restore point before installing new drivers
  3. Driver booster is available in both versions free and as well as pro.
  4. you can download offline Driver package.
  5. you can backup driver existing driver.

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The driver booster is a great driver utility software. By using drivers booster you can eliminate the whole process of getting into the traditional driver installation/ update process and easily enhance your pc/laptop performance.

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