How To Join Quora Partner Program Easily

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Today we will be discussing how you can get a Quora Partner Program.

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Quora has launched a partnership program from which you can earn. Quora Very trusted website. People use Quora to get Easy solutions for their queries.

Nowadays, most people know about quora who are on the internet but some people don’t know.
So today will be sharing complete information About quora and its partnership program from which you will able to start your earnings.

The Quora website was launched in 2009. Currently, the global Alexa ranking of quora is 374. In Alexa Ranking 374 is considered as a very high rank.

Quora Partner Program

Quora help people in many ways like you can ask your question to others and you can answer others. Quora also help to advertising agencies.


The Quora Partner Program is also known as QPP. It is a very good initiative started by quora where as a member of this program you get the opportunity to earn money for asking questions.

Quora Partner Program works on 3 important aspects:

1. Ask questions
2. Help questions get answers
3. Get paid

If You get these aspects completely you will absolutely understand the Quora Partner Program. So let’s understand these aspects one by one.

1. Ask Questions:

Quora says ask questions. Obviously, you have to ask questions but it doesn’t mean you can ask random questions. It doesn’t mean you can ask useless questions and it does definitely not mean you can ask questions that already exist on the platform.

Quora Partner Program

You can ask questions that add value to the platform. You have to ask questions that are not present on quora before. You have to ask questions that don’t spam the platforms.

That is very important because the Quora Partner Program has been criticized by lots of people in the past. Because they believe that a lot of new users will join quora in order to be that part of this program. And they will start spamming the platform.

So, please don’t spam the platform while asking questions. And by doing that you will not be earning any money.

2. Help Questions Get Answers:

This is the most important aspect of the Quora Partner Program. In fact, it is the main aspect around which the quora partnership program revolves. If you will understand this then definitely Will get the Quora Partner Program.

Quora Partner Program

Now, what quora mean when it says questions get an answer. This means if you are the part of the Quora Partner Program then your job is not just to ask questions. Your job is also to make sure that the question you have asked receives quality answers from within quora or from outside quora.

Quora has a feature in which u can request other users to answer your questions. Quora also optimizes the questions for search engines. So if search questions on Google then many times s quora answers appear in search results.

Quora does that so more and more people will come from outside to quora. What we need you to focus on is to understand the whole mechanism behind this. because that is the most important part.

You have to ask questions and help others to get answers that generate more and more views. more view and traffic is convertible to ad revenue.

3. Get Paid:

You asked questions your answer gets questions and finally, you get paid under the Quora Partner Program.

Now finally we are addressing the initial questions “how do you get to be a part of the Quora Partner Program…?”
The way you get to be the part of the Quora Partner Program when quora send you an official invite.

This is the only way possible where you can be part of the Quora Partner Program on the internet people are saying lots of things but those claims are not true.

So, now what must you do to get an invite from the quora team.

Step 1: Create a profile that is creditable.
Step 2: write all details About your self.
Step 3: Stay active on quora
Step 4: keep answering questions /asking questions.

You will have to keep contributing to the quora platform. You will definitely receive an invite.

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