Is Realme 7 Pro worth buying?: Complete Review

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Today we will give you the final review of realme 7 Pro.. whether you should buy this smartphone or not ??

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Realme 7 Pro

So first will be discussing the display of realme 7 Pro. This time realme has taken their customer’s feedback positively and previously most customers had issues with the display of realme 6. Which was LCD and not easily visible in sunlight.

So, this time they have implemented a Super AMOLED Display with a 60hz refresh rate. The indoor peak brightness of realme 7 pro is 600 nits which are great. The first time Realme has introduced this type of display in this budget range.

When will you take this smartphone in outdoor conditions then it will be also easily visible in sunlight.

Usually, we get bad viewing angles and black tint in this 20k price segment but this Display has no issues like that.

This display also supports HDR 10. Means you will be able to experience and enjoy HDR 10 contents from various OTT platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, etc.

A small punch hole for a selfie camera is also available here. Which is unnoticeable when we watch videos or any visual content.

The only cons here is the display chin at the bottom of the smartphone. it can bother you a little bit. But it’s not too big.

The In-display fingerprint is also present. Its speed is okay. Not so fast not so slow …. As compare to the side-mounted or traditional fingers print sensors.

Realme has also downgraded its display protection which is gorilla glass 3 in 2020. It is a very old technology. But they have included a screen guard Which is already applied on display.


Realme 7 Pro

Now we will be discussing back. The back of this realme 7 pro is radiant and mat finished. A small scratch is not easily visible on this finish.

Realme has made this smartphone very slim with a 64 Megapixel camera. Usually when smartphone makers make smartphones with 64 Megapixel cameras

then their camera bump becomes too big but in realme 7 pro camera bump is also very small as compared to others, smartphone manufacturers.


Realme 7 Pro

Front camera
Realme 7 Pro has 32 megapixels in front of the selfie. But realme 7 pro saturates the photos a little bit after processing. like red becomes pink.

It also overexposes the background of photos many times. Most of the thing this background become blown out. It can be fixed by enabling HDR mode.

Back camera

Realme 7 ProRealme 7 Pro

The back camera of realme 7 pro has a 64-megapixel image sensor (Sony IMX 682). It takes great looking shots as you can see in sample shots. But the Dynamic range is a little bit low. Edge detection is also great.

Realme 7 Pro
Outdoor Condition

It also makes most of the color slightly dull. The 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera of Realme 7 pro is also good and the other 2 pairs of 2 Megapixel cameras are useless. Night mode
Of realme 7 pro is also ok.

Realme 7 Pro
Indoor Condition (artificial light)


It can capture 4k at 30fps. Is also has a pro mode in the camera app from which you can control ISO, shutter speed also many things.


Realme 7 Pro

The processor in realme 7 Pro in Qualcomm Snapdragon 720g. 720g is a great processor in this price range. There is no heating issue. It also provides stable performance. It can play High graphics games easily. We have tested the COD mobile.

You can do heavy tasks in realme 7 pro also like video editing and rendering. It can handle those tasks easily.


Network connectivity on realme 7 pro is also good. We have tested all the sim cards available in the Indian market. Like Jio, Airtel, VI, and BSNL. Voice cancellation is also present in realme 7 pro Which works bit ok.


Realme 7 pro has Realme UI based on Android 10. Realme UI is also the same as we have seen on other smartphones of realme but this time realme has taken one step further to optimize realme UI.

They have removed most of the bloatware like app market and many more. They have included Google messaging and Google phone dialer app instead of their own apps.

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Realme 7 Pro has stereo speakers. Sounds quality is not soo good because there are more sounds to travel as compared to normal. that’s way Bass becomes dull sometimes.


Realme 7 Pro

The device has a 4500 mah battery. It will give you at least one day of battery backup. And realme also included 65 watt super dart charger it can charge realme 7 Pro from 0 to 100% in 35 minutes.


  • Great Display ✔️
  • Good Battery back ✔️
  • Fast Charger in Box (65-Watt) ✔️
  • Great Network Connectivity ✔️
  • Smooth Software ✔️
  • Good Processor ✔️
  • Decent Camera ✔️


  • Old Display Protection
  • No high refresh rate display
  • Plastic back

FAQ Realated to Realme 7 Pro

Does Realme 7 Pro support 5G?

No, Realme doesn’t support 5G. As we all know no smartphone manufacturers have yet planned to launch a 5G smartphone under the 20k price range.
However, the processor of realme 7 Pro Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G is capable of 5G.

Where is the fingerprint sensor located on Realme 7 Pro?

The realme 7 pro has an In-display fingerprint sensor and The fingerprint sensor is located on the middle button on display on realme 7 Pro.

Does Realme 7 Pro have Corning Gorilla Glass protection and NFC feature?

Yes, realme has Corning gorilla glass protection 3 But gorilla glass 3 in 2020 in kind of very old technology. The latest version of gorilla glass protection 6 is available in the market right.
And There No NFC support in realme 7 pro.

Which phone is better between Realme 7 Pro and Vivo Z6?

Realme 7 Pro will be a better choice because realme is a better value for money products. It is offering better specifications at a lower price.

Does Realme 7 Pro have a removable battery?

No, realme 7 pro does not have a removable battery because a non-removable form factor gives freedom to manufacturers to create nice looking sleek form factor.

Does Realme 7 Pro support Fast Charging?

Yes. Realme 7 Pro has the 65-watt fast charging. It can charge Device 0 to 100 % in just 35 minutes

Does Realme 7 Pro support VoWifi?

Yes, Realme 7 pro support VoWifi (wifi calling). This feature has been included in realme UI from 2019.

Does Realme 7 Pro support Wi-Fi Calling?

Yes, Realme 7 pro support wifi calling. This feature only works when the network provider also supports wifi calling.

Is Realme 7 Pro Waterproof?

No, realme in a not waterproof smartphone. The manufacturer usually doesn’t make a waterproof smartphone in the budget price range.

How to buy Realme 7 Pro on EMI?

Yes, you can buy realme 7 Pro on EMI. Various options are available on Flipkart and realme official website also.

How to record calls on Realme 7 Pro?

You can record a call on realme 7 Pro from options given in the phone dialer.
Realme 7 pro has stock google dialer. when you will press the record button then I will send a notification to another side of the caller so that is how it should be.

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