Best Rechargeable Battery With Charger

Today we help you to find the Best rechargeable battery with charger available in the market right now. But before going to that we need to discuss a few important aspects of Batteries and chargers.

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Rechargeable Battery With Charger

As we have seen many people get confused between cell and battery. So clear this first. So, the battery is made up of a collection of the cell.
You probably have seen these pencil cells in home appliances like all the remote controls, AC remote, TV remote.

Rechargeable Battery With Charger

So, let assume you take a collection of pencil cell and put them together in series then we are combining the power of these cells this will be called the battery.

Both Can be Rechargeable And Non-rechargeable.


Most of the cells we used in home appliances like a TV remote, AC remote, Toy remote, wall watch, and many more things were a direct electric connection cannot be used or to make is wireless (like in the case of remote).

Generally in these situations, we use non-rechargeable pencil cells which in use and trough type.

The second type of cell is a rechargeable cell it is used where we want power again and again in a very short time like electric Toys and cameras, trimmer, etc.


  1. Non-rechargeable Cell/ Battery
Pros ✔️Cons
Cheap and affordableE-waste
Easy Available

2. Rechargeable Cell/ Battery

Pros ✔️Cons
Additional charger needed

Best And Cheapest Rechargeable Battery With Charger

So we have tested Charger from Envie model name ECR-20 With cells from two companies Envie and Duracell. So now will be discussing our experience with these chargers and batteries.

1.Review of ENVIE ECR-20 Charger

Rechargeable Battery With Charger

The charger Envie ECR-20 can charge both types of form factors of Cells like AA and AAA.
Envie ECR-20 supports both types of cells like Ni-CD and Ni-MH.

The price of charger Envie ERC-20 is around 250 and Envie ECR-20 is of the best battery charger in this price segment.

The main supply plug is embedded on the charger so you can plug-in the charger to the circuit board directly with any cable.

Rechargeable Battery With Charger

This charger in an overnight charger so you can put your cells in the charger and keep it overnight.

When you will plug this charger in a socket then small LEDs will start blinking it will show that cells are charging. But this will not indicate is charging completed or not. So you will have to follow the charging chart reference given in the user manual.

2. Review of Envie Rechargeable cells:

The specs of Envie Cell/Battery is as following:

Form factorAA
Power/Capacity1000 mAh
Type Ni-CD

The price of the Envie cells is around 250 for 4 pieces. According to Envie, there are instructions that you first need to charge these cells after purchase.

Envie also claims that the capacity of these batteries will be 80% of its capacity after 1 year of Usage. But is our test we didn’t experience that. In real-world experience, the Battery capacity reduces more than 20% after one year of Usage.

Rechargeable Battery With Charger

Envie also provides a 3-month warranty against poor backup and a year warranty against leakage. But in some cells, we face seen leakage problems.

This Envie cell cannot be used for heavy-duty purposes like trimmer and toys. These cells are made for lite Usage like, for wireless mouse/keyboard, remote, etc. Because these cell does not store sufficient energy and capacity of the cell is also less which is 1000 mAh.

Then we tested cell from Duracell Rechargeable.

3. Review of Duracell Rechargeable Cell:

The specs of Envie Cell/Battery is as following:

Form factorAA
Power/Capacity2500 mAh

This cell comes in a pack of two for around 550 rupees in the Indian market. The performance of these cells is much better than Envie cells. In our test this cell performance well as advertised and it was up to the mark.

Rechargeable Battery With Charger

Duracell Rechargeable cell holds the charge for up to one year. This means you can keep this cell for one year after a full charge.

Duracell also comes with 5 years of warranty. A new pack of the cell comes with pre-charged. You need to charge Duracell but if you buy Envie one then it needs to be charged.

Duracell can we charge up to 400 times. And you can charge this Duracell with any chargers like Envie ECR-20.

For the charging procedure of cell, you can go through the manual provided in the box and if you don’t know how to put cells in charger correctly then you can follow the image below:

Rechargeable Battery With Charger


If you are looking for the cheapest and reliable rechargeable battery with charger then you can go with Envie ECR-20 charger and Duracell cells. But you are looking for more premium products then other options are also available.

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