[Explained] What Does OP Mean, GG, AFK, BG, NOOB, PRO

What Does OP Mean: Hello friends. How are you doing today?
Today will be discussing slang used in the gaming community. If you’re a gamer or new to the gaming community than you should know these words. It will also help you to understand the game plays thoroughly.

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These days big gaming live steamer and gaming channel are using these words like OP, GG, AFK. We will be also discussing in which situation you can use these words/slangs.

what does op mean ? (Op Meaning In Games)

The full form OP is over powered . Gamers generally use this slang in situation where only one player left in team but he single handedly kill four players of other team.

That means when single player killed 3-4 player of other thus show ability and expertise of gamer in that situation you also use OP / over powered.

what does GG mean?

Maybe you have seen that When a game ends after running for a certain time then everyone says GG to each. If the Player died in-game still everyone says GG.

So full of GG is a Good game. If your team player died after killing so 3-4 or more enemies or he/she has put soo much effort in playing the game then you can say GG.

You van you used when you have won the game and having chicken dinner with your team players.

AFK Meaning Gaming Or AFK Meaning In Pubg?

When some go offline then day generally says player number 1 is offline or number 3 is offline.

Also if some enemy goes offline then we say he/she is AFK.
The full form of AFK is AWAY FROM KEYBOARD.

Now you must be thinking that this slang can only be used in the case of pc gaming but it’s not true. This slang will apply to both smartphone/mobile and PC Players.

what does BG mean?

This slang/word is also commonly used by gamers or in live streams.
The full form of BG is the Bad game.

For example, if your team player has AKM and your enemy has UMP. And UMP player killed the AKM player than you can say BG (bad game). When someone plays unexpectedly bad games then you can use BG for taunting him/her.

what does NOOB mean?

Some people many times misunderstood Noob.
They told their team player that you are noob because you played a bad game. Noob doesn’t mean that somebody is playing bad.

The real meaning of noob is a new player. Who is immature to the game. Noob is generally used for beginners.

Noob is not used for old players playing bad at some moment. For them, you can use BG.

what does PRO mean?

Pro means professional in general teams but the pro is also used for gamers who are very experienced in the gaming community. and who can play most of the games easily.

You can become a pro by playing only one game you have to play to experience different games.

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